Solution Chapel International United Kingdom was started with 2 adults and 1 child and by the Grace of God the church has grown to over 7 branches out of that 1 branch to many countries across the globe.

The church is a place for many from different walks of life.

Many have received salvation, peace, breakthroughs from Solution Chapel International. Solution Chapel International United Kingdom is a place of great love and great grace.


The testimonies from the members are life transforming. SOlution Chapel is a place multitudes have discovered their purpose. The church is full of very nice people and welcomes everyone to come and experience the joy of meeting Jesus.

Come and try out one of the branches of Solution Chapel International and see for yourself what Jesus can do with your life.

Solution Chapel International united kingdom was started on the 4th of January by Adama Segbedji and through the little seed that was started, we now see multitudes from across the world.


We have seen multitudes drive from far to come and experience Jesus at Solution Chapel International. If you are looking for a church and a place you can really call home, where your life will find meaning, then SOlution Chapel International united kingdom is the place to come this sunday. The messages delivered by our Senior Pastor, Adama Segbedji are always practical and helps people find purpose and meaning to life.


God’s Servant Adama Segbedji delivers the word in a very humorous and yet powerful way. He has written several books that keeps blessing the world.

His popular messages are changing the lives of multitudes globally. You can download free podcast from solution chapel international united kingdom by Adama Segbedji. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Solution Chapel International united kingdom this Sunday @ 10am

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