Season of Good News


Season of Good News.

In this season of Good News, God will cause you to experience only good news, every letter, phone call, text message, knock on your door will be GOOD NEWS in the mighty name of Jesus.

God is doing amazing things at Solution Chapel International. He is giving every member Good News on a daily basis.

The world is full of bad news, there is bad news on the television, internet, phones, billboards etc, every where you turn is full of bad news, but thanks be to God who always gives us the victory.

Jesus Christ came to give us Good News, His birth, death and resurrection is all about Good News, at Solution Chapel International we lift up the name of Jesus and every time we lift up his name, good news follows us.

We continue to see Good news of Miracles, healing, Signs Wonders, Promotions, marriages, increase, divine favour, new organs restored, salvation, ears healed, bareness broken and many more striking testimonies.

Expect GOOD NEWS everyday

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