Our Founder & Senior Pastors

Our Founder & Senior Pastors


Pastor Adama Segbedji


Adama Segbedji is the Founder and Senior Pastor of

Solution Chapel International.

He started Solution Chapel International

on the 4th of January 2009 with 1 adult and a child

and today to God be all the glory the ministry has expanded

to 10 branches across the United Kingdom, Germany and South Africa.

His ultimate desire is to lead every person He meets to Jesus.

He gives apostolic covering to many churches across the world

and also oversees all the expanding branches of Solution Chapel International. His popular Solution Word Broadcast is Aired in the United Kingdom, Ghana, Togo, Benin and United States of America. His messages are reaching millions on a daily basis. He is passionate about lifting people up.  He has authored several books and taught over on over 1,000 different subjects on Faith, Church Growth, Leadership, Business, Prosperity, Relationships and many more. His humorous style of teaching makes His listeners always attentive


Zama Segbedji is a Pharmacist by Profession. She was the first member of the church and was there when Solution Chapel International was started with her husband Pastor Adama Segbedji and the church has grown and spread across the United Kingdom, Germany and South Africa. She teaches the word of God with simplicity wisdom and understanding.


Her practical, down to earth preaching has been a great blessing to countless across Europe and Africa. She constantly ministers in conferences across the world. She loves the Lord with all her heart.
Her Passion for God and the Word shows in all that she does, both in the church and the corporate world.
She takes time out to counsel many from all walks of life by helping them discover their destiny and purpose in life.